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Daddy Yankee returns to the middle of the millions of local producers

Reggaetonero agreed with Luis Fonsi in March, now requiring $ 3.7 million of $ 3.7 million.

It was expected that the annual meeting was held: at the end of August, and although Despacito was still tough, the local production company officially landed the most successful seasonal authors, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, the first joint in Chile. A tour of October organized three concerts (Coquimbo, Concepción and Santiago) and was a milestone for the national card, but before a month of illusion came a month ago and the reggaeton representative, by means of a statement, announced that it would cancel the whole tour, "the company he did not comply with the payment terms established in the contract, among other things. "

Immediately Crossfire happened: Daddy Yankee's lawyers proclaimed that local promoters agreed that they had not agreed to an appointment, according to Culto, the national company, Empire Digital Entertainment, has responded that it decided to abandon the artist unilaterally. He did not want to refuse to share the stage with his compatriot.

In the international press, when controversy was in the international press, the couple were definitely dismantled and threatened, as reggae staff said, to continue justice. The former did not end Daddy Yankee's ongoing conversations with some Chilean entertainment companies, which began to negotiate to return to the country.

It may be interesting

Thus, after four months, the interpreters have already agreed on a new date in the capital. According to the sources of industry, the concert was organized in March in the highest place to go to the regions. In the coming days, despite the official details, the area chosen so far is Movistar Arena.

In any case, a four-month abortion visit will take place in March. In November, Inperio Digital Entertainment presented the claim presented to the singer, his management and his representative office in Court 11 of the Civil Court when the contract for compensation was completed.

The amount requested in the legal action is one million million registered according to the Chilean bill: a total of 2,488,303,000 $ ($ 3,7 million) canceled, of 264,993 dollars decommissioned. 000 new damage is generated; $ 1,500,000,000 Lost profits and $ 723,310,000 moral damages.

However, the civil suit does not prevent Daddy Yankee from entering the country, or another company that ends the March concert. Although it may affect the process during your stay: according to the legal representative of Empire Digital Entertainment, the contractor has not yet informed the reason why the musician and his staff might be able to walk on the floor. "The Court is the process of an international guarantee against the Supreme Court, which is aimed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sending it to Puerto Rico. It is a great process," said Diego Sánchez, a producer's lawyer.

Versions found

As defined in the document, the local promoter contacted Mireddys Gonzalez in March, a representative of El Cartel Records and Daddy Yankee's wife, to hire two shows for Coquimbo and Santiago. Both parties together have had long and successful shows since 2007, Puerto Rican Athletics recital, following another seven events. In total, $ 600 thousand (plus expenses) were agreed upon for two dates.

One month later, from Chile, the soloist staff was informed that they planned to include a planned act, even though it was not mentioned or mentioned. According to the document, "it is illustrative, it has always been said that my representative intends to invent another artist." Thus, in May, the production company returned contracts signed in Puerto Rico, although "Digital Entertainment" was never warned by signing contracts signed by the defender.

The same month they agreed on half of the show (US $ 300 thousand), but in August they began to incur inconveniences when Mireddys Gonzalez wrote the local signature, when he found out that there was a threat to cancel this trip, he would add that to Fonsi. However, a few days later and through WhatsApp, Gonzalez "clearly states his acceptance regarding the" balladeer, "determination that the show of this event would be closed, according to the document. During those days, the show that is being traded in Concepción, Gonzalez also asked them that Daddy Yankee was open, which became a "testimony to the court".

The plot ends on September 8. The singer's director has e-mailed out of Chile's late payments and charges an additional amount of $ 100 thousand for three shows, due to the presence of Fonsi. On the 19th of this month, before the announcement against the cancellation of Cartel Records, the production company was notified.

Representatives of Yankee did not respond to Culto's queries, Edwyn Prado told his lawyer on October 20 against the Chilean company of the Federal Court of Puerto Rico. Sánchez says that, until now, they have not reported any legal action.

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