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Dancing Fortnite on a giant metal dog

Dancing on a giant metal giant dog It is the third phase of the challenge over the sun clock Fornite Week 7 Season 9. In this guide we will tell you how to overcome this stage of the challenge so you can jump directly into the battlefield and thus increase your level of battle.

To complete this challenge, it is necessary to complete two more phases of challenge and to dance with our dance with Fortnite and dance on a giant cup of coffee. You also need to know where Fortnite is a giant metal dog, we will explain in detail below.

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Dancing on a giant cyclist in Fortnite to complete the 3rd phase of the challenge

As in previous cases, it has been in the head of a metal dog for a long time … but you know where you will tell me? If you have not placed it, we will tell you that at the entrance of Chiringuito Chatarra, this is a sign of the crane. In that case, you do not know what the map is, we will show you here:

where he is the horseman dog's head

You must dance over the head of the dog, not crane or anywhere else. It is a very narrow area, so it will try to fall off the head straight away and speed up and accelerate from Chiringuito Chatarra. (Often there are often weapons in the ground).

where the foolish dog is fortnite

You know now how to make dances on a giant giant metal horseman in Fortnite. If you need more 7 support for the season of the game, see XP and win 7 tips and more tricks to exploit all 7 season news, you will find 50 tricks to win games, the best 7 seasons coatings (up to 2019) or Creative-like maps (and access codes) .

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