Wednesday , September 28 2022

Daniel Stingo in a dive, against Patricia Maldonado


Daniel Stingo attended the Vía X "Con las manos en la masa" program. He reconsidered his professional career and recalled his beginnings on television.

The lawyers talked about the contingency and the Camilo Catrillanca and Araucanía conflict spread to death. They responded to gastronomic questions, which combined cuisine with the touch of politics, sports and entertainment.

As a result, she continued consultations with Patricia Maldonado Mega and her ongoing sentences, and assured Mega leadership that she could do everything she could, "afraid"

In this regard, the lawyer criticized the morning space of the Bethia station, ensuring that there is no counterweight. "If you want to be a Pinochet woman, I would have to heal someone else," he said.

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