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Daniela Vega: "The movies do not stop wars … they're only movies at the end"

Una Mujer Fantástica closes a successful year with a healthy 2019 program: an Italian series, a play and a movie are awaiting Oscars.

They are counted between Facebook and Instagram before the end of the year, Daniela Vega (29) draws her own accounts privately. After the emergence of a number of images from around the world in 2018, the revolutions had to be diminished: next to Sebastian Lelio and Meryl Streep at the Hollywood Academy Awards, in late February; The Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín brothers crossed the red carpet at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, and when they were applauded this night, a fantasy woman won the first Oscar-winning Chilean Oscar. Notwithstanding everything that happened: explanations and interviews, all kinds of comments, as well as his name appeared in the magazine magazine Time magazine, among 100 major periodicals.

"It's been a great year, fantastic. It was a great opportunity for me, and I think it's a satisfaction with a group like Fábula, working with the greatest filmmakers around the world, such as Sebastián Lelio, and experience, but I would say, above all, the love of people and theirs I have been honored with my respect for 15 years, and I was always proud of the trans, but this was another Chilean, and Pinochet was still alive, he came out very dangerous and had no work, the current scenario is different, "says Ñuñoa Larrain brothers in one of the offices. Reluctant to dialogue, the actor argues: "My work is to act and sing, and I do not care, I do not want to justify myself, or to explain to anyone anyone else."

After his first film, The Visit (2014), he had to travel five times a year, in the promotion of the fantasy woman, the airport made his second home. "They are a week-long journey, we are finishing 2018 and preparing until 2020. It's entertaining for madness and I feel committed to the girl," said over 300 thousand social networks.

It may be interesting

How do you see the impact of fantasy women outside theaters and awards?

– Considering that it had a negative impact on Chile's many problems, and it was not ruled out that many people did not defend the abortion free of charge, but also feminist, Mapuche, who was not in the Gender Law of Identity (published at the end of November). This year, when I won the Caleuche prize, I said it was important for three countries to reformulate and propagate this country: rebellion, endurance and love. By extending these barriers, we break the structures we can break: Carabineros, the case of Catrillanca, the Interior Ministry and a general policy template. These have become egos, instead of making dialogues. Concerts are always collective, and suddenly someone must set the flag in an inappropriate place.

Did you know someone?

-I never wanted to say that I thought it was something or that I have no symbols or examples. I think I am the least impeccable in the world. When I follow my path and following the preceding one, I think that Gonzalo Maza and Sebastián Lelio had investigated things or told us about the story of a fantasy woman. But it's a movie, and movies do not stop wars … they're just movies. If anyone infiltrates the social subject, it seems fantastic, but our job is to enthuse the public. And mine asks the artist to ask the viewer. For me, art is the equation and the audience needs to clean X.

Pause and Italian classes

The new year will be in Chile, but a few days ago, he said, he was in the town of Turbaco, near Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. "There are places where guerrillas and drug traffickers are displaced by women and their homes and their homes," says the actress. Javier Bizar Peace is the first part of the documentary produced by Pousta, one of the projects that he has produced as a producer. They will see it light in 2019.

By keeping the proportions, the next annual challenge will be full. Recorded on Netflix series City Accounts, Based on Armistead Maupin's novels, where he roots in Ysela, Fresno, California, throughout the US, plays a trans-Argentine girl. You are also reading the script PackageA series created by Fábula by the Argentinian Lucía Puenzo (XXY). In it, Elisa Murillo, head of the Homicide Brigade, will face a disappearance case. In October GAM will also be on stage, Brecht women, Musical analysis of the German writer

He also went to Santiago, where he also attended Italian classes: he traveled to Milan for two months to make a copy of a newly signed film. At the moment, he wrote and directed the script called Futura, the Italian filmmaker Lamberto Sanfelice (1975). His first feature film, Chloro (2015), was nominated for Sundance Hunting Grand Prix at Sundance and Crystal Bear in Berlin. That same year. It will be the Chilean actress of the European cinema and after her second fantasy film, after filming in Chile, on Sunday July, Santiago, Gopal and Visnú Ibarra.

"I met Lamberto Sanfelice through film, I watched a fantasy woman and sent me the script in Italian, I sent and read, I loved and read it. The story is completely different and I can not give more details, but I will play a Chilean woman who lives in Milan and part of the traffic as long as he experiences a transition while his son lives in Chile, "he says.

How do you project your career after so much exposure?

-And I'm doing things easily, although my career is internationally. Not just movies, but I'm very encouraged and that's not known in Chile. I've distributed prizes to Phoenix and Platinum, and I'm enjoying it, connecting with the audience, laughing at myself and loudly. From this time I feel an artist and I love being with people. I have always had the unqualified support of my family, but I appreciate the love received from me. Today, I think this help is more indirect: I'm following ABC1 from C3 and I like to taste a mixed ceviche.

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