Saturday , May 8 2021

David Luiz did not make a good pass and Pedro and Pedro scored the goals

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Match between match on Saturday Chelsea and Newcastle at Stamford Bridge The Premier League left the game that is going to be one of the best English leagues.

Not only to achieve the goal, but also overcome the extraordinary David Luiz In the first half, just 8 minutes, the Brazilians surprised everyone with an extra maneuver.

Newcastle gave the tone of the game under Newcastle under the leadership of Sarri in Italy. While the visitors took refuge in the hostel, they all adapted to football pitches, Chelsea defender He sent a detailed pass over 50 meters.

Help fell on the right foot PedroHe defined it with his left foot over the goalkeeper. He was 1-0 in favor of Chelsea.

In the end, the match ended 2-1, the locals, fourth, against Tottenham, and Alexis Sánchez will face Manchester United on Sunday.

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