Monday , August 15 2022

David Pizarro: I thought I would retire somewhere else and now I'm happy to do sports


David Pizarro was delighted after Iquique's upsurge, and, after all, the laid ones were greeted by the title.

In this regard, he said "unfortunately, we can not break the iron defense like Iquique and it's a pitybecause we were able to find the last one. "

Regardless of what the Celestial Dragons faced, Peek acknowledged that "We had no luck we had in other times. We must fight for the second position that allows Libertadores to enter directly".

Regarding retirement, Pizarro acknowledged that he was happy,When I arrived in Chile I did not do it".

"I want to return to the port of Valparaíso as a social problem in the social field, as I have always been. I thought I would retire in another place and I was happily retired at the University of Chile"she said thanking her for her romantic life.

"I refuse the people's response today, it is the biggest reward they can give me," he said.

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