Thursday , January 28 2021

DC reiterated the opposition's role in a controversial national debate

du National Christian Democracy Committee On Saturday, the Santiago Congress held a number of discussions, including the internal political debate and the reform of the statutes of the parties.

At the end of the meeting, the political vote was accepted. He reaffirmed the willingness to coordinate the anti-Falange and other political forces, The Government of Sebastián Piñera has no idea and confirms that there are no real projects in the country.

However, during the day, Some militants protested by the DC posters of violence against women.

Also after the speaker's speech Fuad Chahín, a The Employer's Historic Territory group demonstrated that workers excluded the exclusion of the former.

The President of the Front, Jorge Conzález, has complained that "it is outside the national committee that is a year before the workers and that all sectors of the sector, especially social, indigenous and workers sectors, are the only examples of reflection."

"Now, what the party is doing is leaving us, and we We will denounce this situation as a political maneuver, I will not be a bad intention, but completely wrong"he said.

Resolution of the Supreme Court Resolution of the DC – in front of one of the requests of Servel – regulates the fronts; The reason for explaining alleged exclusion. However, the Council assured that their representatives were meeting.

National Secretary of the DC, David MoralesHe said, "Like any democratic party, we understand the existing objection." They are not every one to understand the lawyer behind each one of the rules, that is to say, in front and in departments, and they think that. In the old world, by creating pressure, situations can be adjusted. "

"The problem is that we can only do what we can do".he punished.

There were no controversies regarding the changes in the Statute Changes, which were condemned by many of the community and regional leaders who did not know the state.

However, it seeks to adapt the different instances of in-house participation.

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