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Deadpool founder Hugh Jackman wants to cross Wolverine



Hugh Jackman refuses to return to Wolverine lately, Deadpool's creator sends an invitation / instructions to the actor.

Do they know Hugh Jackman He gladly excluded (and, first of all, the bounce option) Wolverine More than just a shadow next to it Deadpool. He duplicated that "Ryan Reynolds Try it in every possible way, "but it does not.

Well, this time Reynolds does not face it cross The Wolverine and the Mercenary Mommy on the big screen, but the founder of Deadpool in Marvel Comics, Rob Liefeld!

This is when Liefeld told him from his account Instagram:

"Hugh Jackman, dear, we want to see true verification that you want to make your final comment, but we want to see fans wanting the deepest desire and disillusionment to return to Wolverine Ryan as a part of Deadpool. He has been in the comic business and logan and Wade for some 33 years Talk to him, I can guarantee and confirm the reaction before the audience, I never lived like this. Wolverine is my favorite story of comics, he has inspired all aspects of the creation of Deadpool! Please consider taking your claws again for a wonderful adventure! "

The Jackman also called Wolverine # 154-155, the "Father of Deadpool", the Marvel comics crossed one of the most memorable arches.

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Is Jackman thinking again?

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