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Demand for industrial expansion of Chile 5G investments: more infrastructure and regulating current flows

The opening of the tender process for the 5G network of the high-capability of the high-level telecommunications sector was opened in the telecommunications subsector of the Telecommunication Deputation Secretariat (Subtel), but "was there" according to industry players.

By facilitating the development of ad-hoc infrastructures for the dissemination of this technology, this country would make Latin American primary and the pending legal and judicial litigation are some sectoral demands, evaluating the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

"Continuing to be competitive, and in Chile's data on exponential consumers, the infrastructure needs to be steadily evolving and requires high investment, so that while our profitability goes down, the sector must be attractive again," said Fernando Saiz, Movistar Chile VP -k.

Other Claro companies have stressed that "5G technology is a positive step forward in the implementation of the technology in the country, and it is necessary that Chile's competitiveness is not necessary," said Cristián Salgado, Director of Legal Affairs and Company Regulations.

Pending questions

Another point that generates voltage in the sector is 3.5 GHz band-freezing. Subtel was ordered by June 2018, the companies were assigned a number of spectrum in space, that is, the network's key 5G high-speed mobile phone – no use or is commercially exploited irregularly. Although he subscribed to subscripts partially dissociated, the Free Defensive Defense Court (TDLC) is the case.

For this reason, Claro said "we expect regulatory and judicial issues, such as the spectrum limits, to be positive and facilitate the process of competitive bidding, open and non-discriminatory, for the largest number of people and the production of country production."

In the WOM, on the other hand, we have stated a process without discrimination, and we believe that "5G of the spectrum portfolio is a positive link, and this subtle prediction will be a homogeneous and correct distribution of radio spectrum, which will allow the operator's equal conditions to disseminate 5G, It will create more competition and therefore all Chilean beneficiaries, "said Christopher Laska, CEO of the company.

Movistar also demands the same conditions and "uncertainty". In this regard, Saiz emphasizes that "there is no advanced spectrum assigned and other operator already actors and actors that pay no spectrum and others do not."

"We have had all the people who want to invest full power, we can develop next-generation networks, 5G in net worth, which is more secure in the face of investments that require a renewal of technology. Only investment decisions will be implemented and they will be implemented in the long term." Movistar Chile VPs.

Improving investments

In this company, as well as the expansion of infrastructures that support digitalisation, they have expressed the need to eliminate infrastructure costs and the cost of developing bureaucracy.

"The cost of a Chile, the construction of a mobile tower building is 1.7 times more expensive than the United Kingdom, Spain or Germany, and the time to obtain permits for civil works is 3.6 times more in Chile than in countries such as France, Germany or Portugal," said Fernando Saiz, For adding to the company, improving these indexes are essential for network consolidation. Future expansion of LTE and 5G.

In this regard, the executive said that "it is a model of the telecommunications sector, which values ​​the importance of investments and allows them to recover their investment, which has allowed them to reduce digital gaps in recent years, as well as bringing the country closer to digital transformation."

The call for attention is crucial, with an industrial investment of 1.5 billion dollars a year, which means that digitization of the country is 40% lower than expected.

Entel, on the other hand, decided to look at the half glass. "The good news is already preparing a future spectrum for the development of Chile 5G, and it is particularly important that we face the big challenges we face in countries such as countries and in the coming years, with annual exponential annual growth in the demand for duplicate data. Raw material in Spectrum telecommunications development It is a good idea to increase the availability of this resource to create technologies such as 5G ", said the director of Entel's Corporate Affairs, Manuel Araya.

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