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Dembelé every hour


November 25, 2018 02:04 a.m.

Ousmane Dembel scored his goal in the 90th in Barcelona, ​​and Atlético de Madrid, when he was disappointed with the equalizer, almost defeated Atletico and the lead, when Diego Costa finished. null, terribly tactical and almost totally harmful.

Atletico Madrid wins, but not in Barcelona, ​​after waiting for the result of Sunday's game in Seville, 80 minutes left in a match, and Diego won 1-0. At the time of the Costa and the draw to face the Dembelé dispute was over. There are clashes between Athletic and Barcelona, ​​nobody trusts.

Everything is part of a very measured planning. In the break it is no longer a surprise, the opposite of the styles: the barca lock was essential, from the beginning until a few minutes passed.

There was nothing new from the prejudices that occurred, the tactics were very important, the content of the risks, all the details were established, and the intensity required by a fierce fight. Each ball seemed to be the last time, as if it were the same, as if the ball consisted of a ball.

In that relaxed season, it can be known that any action, any defect, can be omitted from one side to the other; Barcelona starts the rhythm that proposed the ball. Behind the defense of the Athletic Club, it was forced to go around the corner of Oblak. He created more challenges, he was afraid he was caught by Messi some time ago … until he had reconsidered his opponent in the center of his structure.

In the second half the stage was far from counterattack, and there was hardly any combination, despite the difficulties in the start, Simeon had two parts: Saúl, from the center to the team; Koke, in the middle of the band. The result was not spectacular in another area of ​​the Atletico, but there were fewer opponents.

Yesterday, during the Atletico season, Gerard Piqué, when he faced Sol Stegen, scored; In the middle of Barcelona, ​​innocent midfielder Sergi Roberto, injured after retirement, and in the second half of the raffle that requires a game of dimensions and complexity. No one was still responsible for assuming responsibility.

Athletic or Barcelona. They do not have Griezmann or Diego Costa, nor Lemar, especially gray, rojiblanco, nor Messi, unlike Barakako block in the barca block, and unlike Luis Suarez. A player still rolled between three clubs. Not first and not completely in the second.

Barcelona had the ball, but did not score, it was not broken in the final meters, because the location of the premises slowed down; Atlético wanted to counterattack, but was unable to extend the offensive abilities expected in his field.

Griezmann came up with an excellent corner, after Diego Costa ended up in the minute 80, Dembelé, who did not have the resources of Valverde's last resort, had no advantage. "Clarify" Messi and save one point in Barcelona.


1 – Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Arias, Savic, Lucas, Felipe; Koke, Rodrigo, Saul, Lemar (Vitolo, M. 63); Griezmann and Diego Costa (Correa, m.80).

1 – Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Nelson Semedo, Piqué, Umtiti, Jordi Alba; Sergi Roberto (Rafinha, m.46), Busquets, Arthur (Dembelé, m.80), Vidal (Malcom, m.84); Messi and Luis Suárez. Goals: 1-0, m. 78: Diego Costa Griezmann shoots a corner kick. 1-1, m. 90: Dembel wins the Oblak online. Referee: Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño). Berak visited Lucas (39), Griezmann (48), Rodrigo (86) and Felipe Luis (87) and Busquets (29) and Rafinha (92). Violence: The fifteenth round of LaLiga Santander, played at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium before 67,000 spectators.

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