Wednesday , September 28 2022

Detects cancer test in 10 minutes


He has developed a group of scientists from Queensland University (Brisbane, Australia) Within ten minutes, it allows the detection of cancer cells and make the initial diagnosis faster.

Research published in Nature Communications, He has studied DNA differences among cancer cells and those affected.

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In all adult human cells, DNA makes changes that make up a genetically-programmed methylation process, so the genomic information on cancer cells is healthy in different cells.

The team led by Matt Trau Scientists has found that the difference in the process of the cancerous methylation process causes DNA's physical and chemical properties.

Scientists have used this behavior to detect cancer of the patient's DNA in order to detect cancer. This test lasts about ten minutes and its result can be seen at a glance.

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This test was performed with 103 human DNA samples; Of these, there were 72 people with cancer and 31 healthy individuals.

The researchers indicated that at this stage of development, the presence of cancer cells, detection of diseases and diseases, and more samples to obtain a more detailed analysis. .

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