Wednesday , May 18 2022

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What does it look like smooth photography It really was the first signal one terrible disease.

du Izzy parents They realized that something was wrong with a three-year-old daughter. One afternoon, David Fletcher He spent the day with the boys and two weeks later he received devastating medical news. She had her daughter cancer.

The children had to undergo 570 doses of cosmotherapy to recover and now they are undergoing maintenance therapy to return the disease. now Fletcher He warns all parents to take these leukemia signals into account.


"In the afternoon, it was just an afternoon. He was playing and he was sleeping. I was sleepy and I fell asleep, but I did not think much about it. It was a pleasant time for me and I took the picture"He said Izzy's father.

After noticing more symptoms, it was not common for her daughter to be so tired. Fatigue and wounds are added to fatigue. Vicky and David Fletcher They thought that they were childhood issues, but in January of last year it was a catalyst for moving the stomach to the doctor.

Izzy cancer

Minor birthday was held Birmingham Children's Hospital waiting for a procedure to get out bone core. One of them killed leukemia five years ago and was reported as a surprise by the disease Fletcher family He had to be a cold season. But luckily Izzy He is recovering, and his case will warn other families about the first symptom of this devastating disease.


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