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Did you face your challenge with viral? Jennifer Lopez's 10-day "Detox & # 39; he started challenging

Jennifer Lopez49 years old, many women inspire body. Although not related to the physicality of the genetic singer, the exercise routine and nutrition habits play a vital role to be able to stay strong and stable. Work with food Haylie Pomroy Follow a proper diet and get morning workouts to meet your daily gym.

In short, the star has a healthy lifestyle, but now, his passion has advanced a bit and starts a challenge Instagram: "10-day challenge"When he left for more than a day, he confessed that he was looking forward." Those that do not eat ten days of carbohydrate or sugar, this is a challenge jennifer and your partner Alex Rodriguez It was approved a few days ago and will end this day.

A few hours ago, the singer published an image next to the fireplace, showing impressive physics. The short photo has received nearly 4 million "Likes" in 24 hours. In this publication, JLo He wrote: "Daily 9 feelings … I can not wait for day 10". The reason for accepting the challenge is to disconnect the "garbage" and recover its body, rather than choosing the "good" option rather than using carbohydrates and sugars. .

Do not know, in the days when the challenge was over, couples starches (potatoes, peas or corn, among others), foods, sweets, cakes, fruits, cereals, lactose, condensed sugar, carbonated drinks and alcohol. This "forbidden food" list includes protein lean, such as chicken or fish, green leafy vegetables, vegetables and carbohydrates and foods, such as essential fatty acids, such as tuna or avocados.

In the end, even though the healthy artist habits, she accepted her Instagram stories He did not even think: "Well, it turns out that you are hungry when you do not eat sugar and carbohydrates, so we're thinking of preparing snacks," said the performer. Peppers, red and yellow peppers, tuna, pods and jellies without sugar. Jennifer Lopez to control the appetite.

Today, when he returns to his usual diet, the star expresses great emotion (after completing his viral challenge): "When you defend something, you will be beautiful." In 10 days a lot can happen. .

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