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Die Frank Adonis, actress "Good Boys". | Diario de México |

Mexico, December 27, 2007 – The actor, Frank Adonis, who is known for taking part in the film's Martin Scorsese film, has announced the TMZ portal has died on Friday night at the age of 83.

"She will be lost. She was a wonderful father and husband, and she helped all of her friends, writer, director and actress, and it was my best friend," said Denise's wife.

Adonis had health problems, especially kidneys. The actor was hospitalized in the hospital for nine days, with the help of an artificial respiration. His wife and three children are still alive.

The filmmaker had an excellent Hollywood film, where he presented the movie "Goodfellas", "Anthony Stabile", a movie about a boy who decides to "Brooklyn Mafia". United States

Scorsese also appeared in large productions directed by "Raging bull" and "Casino" films and participated in films like "Wall street", "True romance" and "Ace Ventura".



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