Wednesday , February 1 2023

Digital Today: Thousands of people go to Black Friday stores; fortunate executives with sales


Thousands of people yesterday took advantage of a reduction in price between 10 and 75 years at Black Friday or Black Friday, trading centers and other commercial establishments in Santo Domingo Grande.
Unlike in previous years, the buyers' flow was lower yesterday, as it was a "prefriday" because people used to buy goods with less voltage.
Ágora, the 360 ​​store, the Megacentro and the Distribuidora Corripio restaurants, such as John F. Kennedy Avenue and Plaza Lama, on February 27, registered a permanent flow of people through the opening of their doors.

Black Friday sales stand out at the consulted store exceeded more than 15% last year and offers were tempting.
Lorenzo Lantigua, Director of Sales Operations at Distribuidora Corripio at John F. Kennedy Avenue, sales were excellent on Thursday and sold yesterday in the same way.
"There are discounts between 35% and 60%, the goal is to overcome sales between 20 and 25 years ago last year, and we will complete it," he said.
The best products were sold by television, refrigerators and kitchens.
Sharlin Tejada, the Deputy Manager of Jumbo Avenue Luperon, said they had a 40% discount on offers made from textile and home appliances and credit cards.
"Pre-planned sales increased 15% compared to 2017. We expect overcoming expectations, because we see the right flow," he said.

The biggest items on demand were clothes, TV sets, washing machines and fans.
Romina Vásquez, responsible for public relations at Grupo Ramos, "has very good discounts in the field of home appliances, clothing, shoes, fashion, food and the market."
Clothes, shoes and underwear remain with a 40% discount and 50% discount for men, women and children in selected goods.

Pablo Alonso, CEO of Lama Square, on February 27, stressed that the sales at midday were very active and had to open the store before the number of people started in the morning.
"Discounts are more than 60%, Plaza Lama 45% of the selected items and 15% with the Reserve Bank card," he said.
In Agora Mall, the discounts reached 70%. 40% discount on Casa Cuesta, a mixer, toaster, microwave ovens, electric ovens, coffee makers and grills. In the Claro company, it offered 60% discount on mobile phones.
Discounts at 360 Gallery had discounts of 70% in stores.
In Blue Mall, discounts were between 10% and 80%. Lollipops and Barons chose up to 70% of their merchandise.
Pro consumers were published in some stores, and places were a military presence.

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