Tuesday , January 25 2022

"Direct Participation": Prosecutor's background against national Luli son charged with bullying


Telephone traffic, location of locations with graphical antenna, scenes and witnessed statements.

The Eastern Office of the Prosecutor's Office in the background of the Court of First Instance brought Nicole "Luli" Moreno to the provisional approval of the children of the well-known television character, a 16-year-old teenager homologated skilled frustrated against another youth of the same age.

When the events took place on the night of January 2, two people (minors) would go to the couple's house in the Las Condes neighborhood after firing.

The Attorney General Omar Mérida has reported that "from the beginning to the end of the action, he has committed criminal offenses", even though the accused telephone interviews with witnesses and victims have been transmitted.

He also stated that the action was a skilled (and not easy) homicide after talking about the victim who had qualified.

"We think there is a plan, the back that supports it He was able to kill this actionIt comes from pre-emptive moves, "he explained.

So he said There are "calls to the victim to leave home and show himself (…) When the trap falls, people appear to shoot. "

The public prosecutor argued that the accused teenager "is committed to the accused's homes and committed to crime. He participates in the entire action."

"According to previous research, there is a phone number from the previous information, there is a concert with other people who are accused. They will meet at one of them, they will go home after they enter the car," he says on the phone and the victim's testimony and two witnesses.

Merida said that he would be the defender "People tell them: this is".

"We talked about Treachery, the people that were shot, and the creation of an incident that could occur to the people named."

That way, he stated "The accused teenager has a direct participation".

In the end, the prosecutor said that the guarantor does not have a qualified homosexual, but they would be at a risk of being overwhelmed by a serious situation. "Freedom of freedom 5 years and a day".

Two more people were already formalized, two adults undergoing custody prevention, in the 100 days of the investigation period.

This article describes the ongoing judicial process

The positions will be excluded at the end of the investigation, therefore Completed will not be guilty Until justice is delivered.
(Code of Criminal Procedure 04)

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