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For many Dubai airline users, Emiratesit might be The dream becomes a truth in a plane that ends with crystals and diamonds. And the only utopia is, for the moment, this artist Sara Shakeel "possible" create a job with its brilliant, bling, bling style, with a replica of a picture.

The company changed the name of the "Bling 777" aircraftAccording to the type of aesthetics used in hip hop culture, the rap singer, dressed in gorgeous and bright costumes, told Infobae.

Shakeel published his fascinating creations on Tuesday Emirates liked the image, asking for permission to publish, and since then went to Pakistan to Milan.

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The artist creates his work by manipulating any type of image or photograph, from the ordinary objects of people.

"Crystals and diamonds are the means to look through this world. Bright, bright and valuable, I have to be careful (…), Crystal and diamonds add the most common objects of everyday life, "said Shakeel in an interview with Forbes.

After publishing with the Emirates airline's Instagram account, The image of the plane has received more than 400,000 "likes".

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