Wednesday , October 20 2021

Discover Carola de Moras's new life television and how to Influencer


Carola de Moras is no longer part of Chilevisión, but its days are much more intense because it combines its times in different ways.

His day begins at 6 o'clock in the morning, when he goes to school to prepare his daughter and then go to the gym. In addition, it is dedicated to, of which he is a creator.

"I'll try to find 14.00 miles, I'll have lunch at home and follow Moom's meetings or recordings. I've been to my daughter for a period of 19 years and have been going to bed. I have had many instructions for many days, or have to go on events as a guest or cheer. It's time to go to bed, sometimes I'm left blank and lying 1 or 1:30 a day, "explains La Cuarta.

It should also be noted that, after a long time, Carola must plan a family vacation: "this summer, it will be free. I'm organizing a family vacation and it's strange. I needed something. I've been pushing for a long time now. it's time to be quieter. "

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