Monday , October 25 2021

Discover the Pangal Andrade house with an "erotic" bathroom located in Cajón del Maipo


Pangal Andrade is presented through social media and the media, not only because it is a reality of exchange but also because it has been built with it for 3 years, it also has a mini-zoo of environment and protected species.

But now, for 33 years with his Instagram account, Pangal showed a part of this construction. The bathroom has a very cold mirror, but it also has a shower, although it looks like a cobra, others say it's something else.

"They say a lot of things. I think that's what it looks like in your imagination: some think it's cobra, but it's what you're interpreting. It's the same wine, that's not the price, but what you want," concluded Pangal.

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