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Disease – How long does the immune system survive for HIV?


If HIV is positive, it has changed a lot over time. Decades ago, the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) was a synonym for the death of viral antiretroviral drugs, which is almost impossible for people who can treat the virus to minimize the treatment. The life of the affected person is equal to the life of the people.

The first step to optimizing the quality of life of people with illness is early detection. This will ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment, but it is difficult to be due to slowing down.

"Usually, people realize it is a few years later, so try every six months, if they have high-risk sexual relationships, and at least annually."

Betania suggests that Betances directs teaching campaigns that promote didactic campaigns through the work of Onusida, director of his country. That is why it is considered one of the main obstacles in the country, which is why there are more than 67,000 cases.

According to this number, sexes, sex workers and Haitian immigrants are male men of the same sex.

As for young people, it is important to emphasize that, although it is necessary to take better care of the general population, cases are growing, especially in low-income communities and young people with low academic levels, sometimes avoiding contraceptives and tablets and injectors.

He underlines the fact that the victims have viruses to study if the test is not always feasible, because the immune system does not respond immediately, because a virus can cause a test tomorrow or a few days later and leave it negative.

The immune system needs to wait accurately for a period of at least three months. "Therefore, using any type of obstacle method and establishing a relationship of mutual confidence before sexuality is essential," he said, although many believe that men may have the possibility of hiring an effective non-recruitment method, reducing their probabilities, but not a sure percentage.

AIDS cases are given in young people, lack of guidance in schools and universities, as well as a small number of Government funds for awareness campaigns.

In general, it is a good help for people affected by public hospitals. However, society is still a taboo subject, and the treatment that others receive is exclusive.


Onusida is a program developed jointly with HIV / AIDS treatment. This time, the 2030th anniversary of the Dominican Republic has been focused on addressing public health as a matter of urgency to treat people as quickly as possible, combating prevention in society and solving problems. discrimination

"In the case of prevention, there is a need for greater prevention of the prevention and the condoms and antiretrovirals offered by people with risks," says Betances, who has been working for over 27 years. This type of case.

When he was interested in a sex education teacher, the illness was still a serious condition for anyone to be attacked.

He then participated as a volunteer in the Onusida program to study what to do to get a positive change in research and work.

Shortly afterwards, his work was limited only to a teacher, but he had to do something to ensure a better life for patients who suffer much, only because of depression.

Nowadays, from outside, when you work in these cases, your life is the greatest lesson because you do not do it, you should always put it on the side of the human being first. "People put us in the footwear of patients, understand and be interested in their illness, which will also help us motivate and not help, because we believe it is our duty".

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