Monday , October 25 2021

Displacements: In RN it is located in the Pinochet, but the condemnation of Human Rights crimes


du President of the National Renewal (RN), Mario overflowsOn Monday, the controversial debate of the deputy Camila Flores In the last General Council of the party, he claimed publicly "pinochetista" and did not have any problems with proclaiming.

According to the subject, Overflows replied: "It complicates me, when I change the vision of the General Council so beautiful, we talked about diversity, but it's ok … Innovation (National) has always been a Pinochet, this is not a mystery".

"I do not think (pinochetists) to sleep, it has always been a matter in the boards A sector is a pinochet. That is true, but we all talked about it It may be Pinochet, but there is no doubt that there is a total condemnation of human rights violations"she assured her.

Two questions could be asked to make the two possible, the deputy said: "Why do you ask me as a third lawyer?"

The violation of human rights is "the cause of the dictatorship or military government."


Meanwhile, in UDIn, he consulted on the subject, deputy Jaime Bellolio make sure the right pinochetism "It has always been it was not. "

"I do not think it anymore, I think Less than before, they are becoming increasingly isolated. What happens now, in electoral logic, they make more voices and I think it's wrong. It may help in the next election, but it means leaving the future"Bellolio added.

"Bolsonarism" UDI

The MP has been strongly criticized for its internal leadership, led by Senator Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, who competed two years ago, but was re-elected yesterday.

Bellolio has said that during the next few months, he will be talking to the militants to decide whether or not to participate in the party, and has questioned the UDI as a referent for Jaime Guzman and has been replaced by the new president. Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

"That is why I see that today's leadership made a kind of terrorist campaign in the last elections, if they did not win, the UDI would betray it," he said.

In this sense, the MP assured "when the results arrived last night, When they started singing, the UDI was saved & # 39;. Then I ask myself: Why was the exception that has become the reference intellectual nowadays? The only thing I have seen until now is Bolsonaro. "


Meanwhile, Vice-president Evopoli, deputy Francisco Undurraga, said he did not believe that Pinochet's "investment" and "personal statements" were confirmed.

Government spokesman, Cecilia PérezHe also emphasized that they see it in the Executive differences as virtue.

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