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Do not call politics, it's survival


Sartre has said that the essence of existence is before us and that man is "condemned for his liberty." There are two existential films: Alvaro Brechner (Montevideo, 1976), the third feature film of the Uruguayan filmmaker based in Spain. 12-year-old night, where we can see the former President of the Republic, José Múgica Uruguay, and his two political activists, against the dictatorship, against the military against the dictatorship between 1973 and 1985, with a small fist in the iron fist. Two films held between critics and audiences Fish bad day (2009) and Kaplan (2014), filmmakers are less interested in the American self-governmental patriotic countries, as well as the political violence they face in Argentina or Chile, but portray a human being in extreme conditions. at least humanity The story of heroism and survival of the Latin American "Mandela", after losing his jail, will hate his torturers. Antonio de la Torre, Mujica, Chino Darín, Mauricio Rosencof, and Alfonso Tort, Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro, for fear of not being a cell, have been isolated for 12 years since Chino Darín becomes the Condor of Mount Carmel of the unfortunate Carmona heartwarming stars are almost amateur.

"As a filmmaker, I feel like an explorer or adventurer of human nature. With this film, I would like to ask myself if we want to live for myself. This reflects on the fact that all human beings live, "Brechner tells us that these three young men, Mujica was not the leader of the world, but was a member of" Tupacamaros. "The patriotic left carried out the military dictatorship" urban guerrillas " Finally, because they were not in their hands, entrepreneurs were "arrested" by the dictatorship and were excluded from the contacts between them in small and nauseated meadows to meet their needs.

"It is an authoritarian framework, but it is not a film about dictatorship," said the director. It is not seen as a "prison sentence", because it is not seen as a prison institution, it is not a social history, a new society that applies different rules, there is no institutionalization process, because in this case there is absolute isolation. What I'm interested in is an existential key, as these individuals remain and remain under the shadow of abandonment, loneliness and darkness. At the moment it is time to survive and there is a revelation that appears in extreme loneliness. "

Sartre and existentialism. The basic idea, if men exist, even if they exist, if they do not live, they also have conditions that are unrelated to mankind. "Watching movies is possible because they do not know the ideology of these people," explained the director, "what we are talking about." Moving to the left does not change anything. Such a permanent experience does not matter where they come from. In my opinion, it was a difficulty creating and transmitting a narrative that reflects enormous horrors how far you can go because it is limited. Language has a limit You understand those who survive in Nazi concentration camps, what difficulties they experience. I talked to them almost four years ago and they told me they wanted an old place, and that was a great deal of involuntary occupation. "

12-year-old night It does not propose conventional narratives, but it is presented as a film of sensory, and the audience is invited to accelerate the experience of unlucky protagonists. Brechner has explained to us: "They did not know how long they lasted their duration, and they were very annoyed." It's a confusion all the time and your brain mixes memories, memories and fantasies, and the brain creates stimuli. Sensory abilities At the same time, hearing is developing and auditory hallucinations arise. In this situation, there is no way of creating a new order or routine because it can not be projected in the future. I try to approach this universe expression marked by perceptions and inner voyages".

If essence essence is the previous one, man also goes his way as Brechner says, since almost all animals seem to sleep and eat, badly, a sheet of paper and a feather or any other compassion "Sartre has said that man is condemned to freedom, because he is always capable of deciding what man is. There is a limited imagination of imagination. With talks with Mujica, he told me, he learned to find out who he was in those years. We are all based on the life experience we live in. And in extreme conditions, the former president told me that he had recovered his most intimate essence. "

In this way, we will reach the most important key to reject the resignation of the future President of Uruguay. Mandela's comparisons are inevitable: "The stories are very different, but coincidence is not lacking resentment, we see it in the latest film by Antonio de la Torre, and he does not want to hate him in his eyes, and he gave us an eye and back, according to Mujica, a pardon decision It is our construction, and although it is done in justice, the time is not permanent, since it is not back. After the dictatorship, they were resentful and others decided to ignite the page. Experience says the latter was better and happier. Anyway, I do not want anyone to judge anyone. I do not think the answer is absolutely correct. "

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