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Do you drink bottled water? The study found the presence of arsenic in the three national brands


In a Chilean Geological Congress, a study presented at the University of Concepción Some bottled water brands would not be "potable", because they have a high arsenic level.

In short, Although all the water presented this element, the third-party samples studied were higher than the concepts in drinking water standard. They have also found nitrate, boron, and other excessive dissolved elements.

BioBioChile They contacted the researchers to find out the specific brands that were investigated, which responded to the detection of three high levels of arsenio. Puyehue, Tottus and Jahuel.

Of course, according to the regulations that regulate bottled water, they should meet what they set.

"Drinking water: studies on physicochemical results in water in Chile", scientists from the Department of Geology and researchers at the Geospheric Centers of Excellence in Los Andes, are from the University of Chile.

Arsenic, Nitrate and Boron

According to the results, the quality of the water analysis usually reflects the good and the Chilean legislation "10 samples analyzed 10 exceed the concentration of arsenic, Based on the Chilean drinking water standard (NCH409 / 1) and the value proposed by the United States Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (equivalent to 10 million euros). document

In addition, in 4 samples, NO3 (nitrate) content was detected that are larger than groundwater, since the origin of water is very superficial.

In some analyzes, Boron values ​​are relatively high and concentrations of uranium are found, and their origin is interacted with volcanic rocks.

On the other hand, this was determined Although the bottled water filters contain minimal amounts dissolved, they do not meet all of the parameters set in the Chilean standard. In a sample, the pH is slightly acidic than the regulated value.

Drinking water?

Among the 10 bottles of plastic bottles, 32 chemical elements were analyzed, including minors and traces.

"The findings of this study give us thanks regulation of water bottle regulation and provision of drinking water provision regulating the difference. In fact, some non-analyzed bottled water are not met and drinking water is not appropriate, "said the researchers.

Today, companies do not have to declare the chemical composition of packaged waterAdvertising signals as healthy and clean water.

In 2015, more than 460 million liters were sold in Chile. They also show results there is no price quality relationship.

Soon afterwards, authors want to sell all of the water brands available in the Chilean market.

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