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Do you know if you have AIDS? Discover your situation


Around 37 million people live in the world, and a quarter of them do not even know about it. Arica, the Ministry of Health has reported that 130 new HIV cases have been reported and when is a campaign? AIDS in the World AIDS Day, HIV and civil society is still waiting for a national communication campaign.

Meanwhile, Arica and Parinacota are the first places in Chile to communicate with the public. For its part, Seremi de Salud promotes rapid social networking in social networks (it can be known for a 15-minute situation) and encourages the use of women's condom by women for a long period of time to negotiate according to disability or disability. The correct and lasting use of the legends as a result of the use of malicious use due to violent situations or the use of the victims.

Today, UNAIDS celebrates its 30th anniversary celebration of World AIDS Day. This has been the invitation of the world citizenry to continuously engage in campaigns to promote the prevention of the acquisition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

In many countries, the rates have been reduced, much less in advance, although unfortunately it has not been possible in other cases, even though notification rates have increased. In the latter case, it is located in our country, where its data has been disturbing. This situation has caused a great deal of concern in the media and society in general, but has not encountered any conversations in the national authority created by entrepreneurs and organizations.

Until now, we have not responded to any appeal against the Ministry of Health and its Ministry, both for national AIDS prevention campaigns and for months in the media (although still in the Social Networks only for the Ministry of Health), resulting in a serious accusation of more than 6,000 people more were deleted in the GES charts. This means that you can get the time and date for people who require antiretroviral treatment in Chile.

Do you know if you have AIDS? Discover your status #HazteElExamen

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