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Do you know what the risks of getting pregnant in Zika? | El Salvador news


The proliferation of mosquitoes is a reality in our environment, which is why it increases the risk of increasing the Zika disease caused by a virus transmitted by the Aiken genus mosquito, which is bite-and-a-day. It is a public awareness campaign aimed at parents, future parents and grandparents in the country to protect themselves and protect themselves from vulnerable people; This means taking care of your babies or the uterine fetus.

Why do we need to protect the weakest? In the case of young adults, the virus causes symptoms very uncomfortable. The infection is also associated with other pregnancy complications, such as early birth and abortion.

As a result, it is very important to avoid contamination following the advice given by the Ministry of Health of USAID, PASMO, PSI and El Salvador:

  1. If you are pregnant and sexually, you can get the virus to pass through the placenta and the future baby infects the disease and causes lasting harm during your pregnancy. To avoid complications, use the condom to have sex with your partner during pregnancy to prevent the risk of contracting the disease. From the beginning of pregnancy, you can go with healthcare to get more guidance.
  2. Avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes to clean, clean and cover water containers, that is, with batteries, tubes and tanks with water, it does not matter clean water. Mix the chloro and detergent mixture of batteries, barrels and tanks until the consistency is pasted together. Apply paste to the walls of different containers and dry for 10 minutes. Then brush it with a circular brush, clean enough water and wash the containers for water.
  3. Apply mosquito rays on the skin range at least three times a day or as indicated in the product label, because during the day mosquitoes are bites a day, sometimes they can be done at night, while people sleep.
  4. If you still do not want kids, join the appropriate planning method: IUDs, tablets, injectors or implants, because Zika can be transmitted without sexual protection.

Following these simple tips, Zika helps you get into your life. For more information, we invite you to take part in the "Cuídate bien" fanpage on Facebook, providing personalized advice on Zika prevention, as well as the article information and hashtag # MamáSeguraBebéSeguroDeZika. Warning of radio ads that are being published to prevent Zika virus.


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