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Do you love oral sex? You can enjoy more pineapples

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There are men and women who prefer to dismiss them oral sex. Of course, of course, fluid intimates are not very friendly, in fact, most of them are bitter. They can also create unexpected odors. But, you know food What smells and flavors vary? That's it pineappleIt's the only one you need.

By twenty-five, a study The University of Lyon did in France. Eating habits can touch the patient's fluid, or at least neutral, but above all semen. If you want to melt the men in between your legs or vice versa, you need to enter your diet.

du semen They are proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. That's why they eat a lot about it. On the other hand, pineapple It is notable for its freshness, vitamin A, C, folic acid. In addition, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron.

It should be noted bromelainEnzymes, which do not improve the digestive tract, make proteins amino acids.

Among its many features, it also has an aphrodisiac effect, as it helps assembly of the penis It will last and sharpen the nerve endings. That is, it helps to neutralize taste of the semen.

In this case, we can say "Your semenI eat it If your boys often speak oral messages, they will go down food too much to taste. They reduce onion, spices, coffee, soft drinks, red meat and, above all, the amount of tobacco.

In conclusion, it would be nice to have some slices before eating, especially if you leave your tongue with a stingy touch, women enjoy themselves in their legs.






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