Friday , January 22 2021

Do you share your Netflix password with your friends? You paid …

du Netflix subscription options They've been dreaming of filmmakers and filmmakers. Having a screen display of four times the possibility of streaming content has been shown to keep a single account that your friends can agree with.

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However, CES was transformed by a security company during the year 2019 A artificial intelligence system that detects and places users with a password, for example, to save money.

According to British company Synamedia, technology User data analysis: where they are connected, at what time and with what type of devices. Then, when they find active accounts in different physical locations, they identify the maneuver.

That, of course, obviously brings I could not understand the same friend or family account or somebody.

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However, for now, Netflix has not been mentioned in advance increase profits and decide on the user to choose more or less subscription platforms, or just look for another way to get content.

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