Monday , May 10 2021

Do you sleep face down? This position can cause health problems in society

Do you sleep in your stomach? If your answer is correct, change it because it is not an appropriate alternative.

As a result of the aforementioned position, it may cause serious harm to your health, the Community Professional Physiotherapist Association of Madrid (CPFCM).

In this regard, José Santos, certified by the CPFCM secretary, according to ABC "By taking this position, the time of breathing forces us to be activated, thus changing our compact lumbar curvature and changing the curvature of the curvature, we are increasing the lumbar pain".

She added: "If you repeat this habit for 7 or 8 hours, it helps us to experience more problems with cervical pain, tendinitis, the ligament or other musculoskeletal problems, which is not aware until the condition is conditioned".

This is compounded by heartburn "The gastric flavor is not in your stomach when you sleep, because the pressure in the steroid, the fluid can also cause bumps and reflux"According to the 180 health portal.

But this is not the only cause that causes the cause, because women cause an aesthetic problem, because it is a cause Breast flaccidity, like breast tissue and flabby, depending on the mentioned paths.

But what is best to get the rest adequate?

Given this situation, Santos goes to bed with a fetal posture to prevent trouble and back pain the next day.

"On the side, the spine is less affected because it is lighter and the body is not dependent on stress"The face is also healthy, regardless of the recommendations.

"A small cushion is under knee"It advises the specialist to get out of bed, it is best to do it with the help of the body and the arms.

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