Monday , June 5 2023

Don Carlos calls for the protection of Carabineros and the Armed Forces: "They have a country of pride"


There is only one day left, on Friday night, the new Marathon "27-hour love" Telethon will begin, and in the beginning, on its creator's Thursday, Don FranciscoHe walked through different media to express details of this year's edition.

When you participate cooperative, open to the auditor's questions, was asked how the contributions of the Armed Forces and the Karabinieri were faced this year, with social questions made after the murder of Camilo Catrillanca. The army members sold weapons to drug traffickers and were aware of the authorities.

"As always," he replied, and then he made a strong defense of the uniformed: "I do not think, I will give an opinion: we must defend citizens, first of all, a great body of Carabineros, a true organization. There are wrong situations, they must be guilty and punished, but as a Chilean citizen and throughout Latin America, I mean that the body of Carabineros is pride in that country. "

Mario Kreutzberger said "I do not have the same in other countries as here".

"As regards the rest of the Armed Forces, we must also fight in Chile to maintain and be proud of the place, You can not be proud of your Armed ForcesHe added.

In the end, the cheer called "a mistake to punish him," but later stated that "especially" was given great political use, which was very convenient. Boss made a mistake and confessed, we make mistakes. "

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