Monday , May 29 2023

Don Francisco encouraged the Telethon to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chileans


Under the legendary episode of "Happy Heart" and "My heart offer", on Friday, with Donethon, the third edition of San Sebastian Telethon began to be collected at the beginning of the 27th. help center funds

"I did not just do it, we made a country, we did together". With an old house in Sotomayor's orphanage, we have made 14 centers throughout the country. Millions of people with disabilities in Chile have promoted a number of legislative initiatives, which are still under the Law of Inclusion, "said the leader of the solidarity initiative.

Telethon animators ONE AGENCY

Don Francisco said that "when we touched on it, we changed the word Teletón to solidarity to rebuild the country during natural disasters. Currently, I want to direct 70% of the population, to go to the Bank offices, and make a special contribution to Chile."

Don Francisco reminded all the animators who participated in the 39 marathon programs, among others, such as Teletón Teatro.

The first part of the Republican executive, Cecilia Morel de Piñera and Andrés Chadwick, were part of the executive cabinet parties, which opened the 2018 Telethon.

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