Monday , May 16 2022

Don Francisco Kramer complained about the president Piñera's parody: "This is the unity program"


Mario Kreutzberger Don Francisco, director of Telethon, told the campaign to support children with physical disabilities, in the presentation of imitated Stefan Kramer, in front of a nasty stadium in the nation when he appeared before the president, Sebastián Piñera.

In the imitation of Kramer, Pasapalabra's knowledge program appeared as a competitor, he acted as a competitor and won the "GoPro camera without removing cards". Concerning the case of Catrillanca and its controversial episodes.

"This is the responsibility of everyone, yes, I can say that this is a unit program, which is the most important thing, if someone does not say something like that, it sells our desires," said Kreutzberger after completing the campaign's total of $ 32,522,911,111.

"We can not censure, each one must censure," said the cheerleader.

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