Monday , May 16 2022

Don Francisco Krame's show: "We can not censure"


I am applauding and laughing, but also criticisms, and one of the disturbances of humor by Stefan Kramer, when he imitated the president of the Republic of Sebastian Piñera.

When he saw the image, Kramer imitated and laughed when he heard voices laughing in all its features, he showed one of his most important political actions.

Mario Kreutzberger said the event "is everyone's responsibility, yes, I can say that this is a unit program, which is the most important thing, if someone does not have something like that, they are selling our desires."

Kramer depicted a chapter on the Pasapalabra program, and therefore could not answer the correct Answer. After consulting the character of the president, his fate was awarded, "I can buy GoPro cameras, they can not be eliminated," criticized the Government's role in the murder of Camilo when the Carabineros operator, Catrillanca Errailla, Araucanía, and the uniformed formalization ended.

In the end, Don Francisco said "we can not censure, each one must censure".

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