Monday , May 29 2023

Donald Trump brakes immigration asylum applications


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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump has announced that he will sign a warrant next week that could result in massive arrests of migrants crossing the southern border and prohibit twice as legally questionable proposals as a result of a lack of asylum claim, which is the latest election wave of the president's illegal immigration against.

"It's an invasion," Trump said, as before about the Republican sympathizers' bases. His statements in the White House were in his speech to respond to the immigrant caravan towards the United States.

The President then traveled to Missouri to attend a political meeting, the most recent day of which will be presented on the day of Tuesday's election, which will determine the congressional control.

US immigration laws make it clear that migrants who apply for asylum can be used at borders or cross-border. However, Trump said that he could only limit the application of the measure to official entry points. The government has no place at the border to handle large-scale detention of migrants, since they are at the top of the facilities. However, the president said that his administration could install "big tents".

"We arrest people on the border," he said energetically.

The announcement was Trump's recent attempt to put the issue of immigration into pre-election light. In particular, he said that he would issue an executive order next week, which means it could be after the elections.

He also indicated that he had asked the armed forces from the southwestern border that if they came to the immigrants they would react as if the stones were "guns".

The exact rules for the use of force by the military police and other soldiers near the border have not been published, but in each case the troops have the right to self-defense. It is possible that these items are not expected in places where anyone with a license without permission can quickly.

Mark Hertling, a retired army general on Twitter after Trump's speech, wrote on Twitter that no army would allow the soldier to open fire for a man who was throwing stones.

"It would be an illegal order," Hertling wrote referring to the Terror War Act.

The president announced Wednesday that he would put 15,000 troops on the border of Mexico as the response to still remote caravans went forward. The figure doubles the number that the Pentagon has planned for today's thoughtful mission.

Trump said yesterday that according to his order illegally entering migrants will be accommodated in "huge tent cities" they intend to install under their case.

"We will not leave them in our country," he said. "There are thousands of tents," he said.

According to the current protocol, many asylum seekers are released while their cases are proceeding before the courts, which collect a large number of files, so the processes can last for years.

Trump and other officials have long demanded that asylum seekers arrive through the port of entry law. But many immigrants do not know this provision and official border crossing points record congestion.

Immigration authorities refused asylum seekers for masses at entry ports and told them to return later. In recent months, deaths have grown dramatically at border crossing points in California, Arizona and Texas and people are waiting for about five weeks to try their asylum seekers at the main junction of San Diego and sleep freely during sleep. many days

The government has confirmed security at entry ports this week. At McAllen, Texas, in Rio Grande Valley, workers will have access to the fence next to the United States and Mexico via a McAllen "The Monitor".

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