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Dorados Gan is getting closer and closer :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


The team led by Diego Armando Maradona won 2-0 in Juárez in the first part of Mexico's first division of the first quarter of the season.

Juárez Dorados won by 2-1 and is closer. The team led by Diego Armando Maradona wins Juárez 2-0 in the first half of Mexico's rise to raise first position in the first half. The team led by Diego Armando Maradona won 2-0 in Juárez in the first part of Mexico's first division of the first quarter of the season.


Diego Dorado, the second-half Mexican footballer in charge of Diego Maradona, has made a major step forward at the Mighty Ascent Moscow final, winning 2-0 in the first lap of the tournament.

"Big Fish" once again showed his good physical and emotional status, under the direction of the Juárez FC champion, with the victory of the first dancade of the series.

Match goals

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"I'm happy with the good result at home, but tomorrow we have to make a profit," said Maradona at a press conference. "We need to force more pressure," he added.

Argentina's "Ten" team leased out early. First, stop by a ball. Argentinian leader Jorge Kordoba finished off a corner (12 & # 39;).

Dorados was slightly higher. However, from scoring, Juarez started the attack and, despite not having suffered more goalkeeper Gaspar Servio, finished just a few goals.

But the natives became a counter attack. In a very quick transition, Raúl Sandoval (26 & # 39;) made a great goal (26 & # 39;) with the left bank, and it was directed by Maradona.

In particular, Argentine cameras stand out to meet the goals of their team. First of all, make a gesture towards the sky, and then dance and smile, accompanied by his assistant and compatriot Luis Islands.

However, the match did not have much effect after the second goal. Dorados completed the result in the face of a deflected Juárez, desperate, in less delusion.

The goal of the gold medal ended when the game ended, when Juarez wanted to discount a goal, but there was no better night for Vinicio Angulo Ecuador, when the "Big Fish" semester was completely accurate.

"We will try to win on Saturday, as in all courts, it will be final: those who do not want to play at home will not return the first return," said Maradona.

The head of the old Napoli player, the players Sinaloa had a very positive race in September when they reached Mexico and won eight wins with two draws and a victory.

"I'm not (José) Mourinho, I am Diego Armando Maradona, and as I see, with Dorados, when I am, I have come to my relatives and court." 58-year-old technician. "We can lose or win, but we can not afford to get that done," he concluded.

The defeat of a goal would classify Dorados for the final position. It would drop a greater difference. Juárezko court incidents or a new success would advance the Sinaloa team without much trouble.

However, the rise of Ascenso MX champion is becoming increasingly clear, the only team in each season is the first division of Mexican football. This place will be defined between this semester and the next champion.

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