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Dr Cavadas makes a story for a year without AIDS cure

Genetically modified babies, HIV-positive vaccines, a victory against cancer without much hope … Although Milk continues, 2018 has been a great year in medicine. One of the names above mentioned is Pedro Cavadas, the god who lost all hope.

Excluded year has been a lot for many in the field of medicine. It has been tremendously fortunate that many professionals have made progress in the effort and research hours. Unfortunately, the resistance continues for others.

maybe, Pedro Cavadas is one of the most popular news on medicine in 2018 in Valencia. The list of his wonders continues to be a successful career path full of lights, and fortunately, he continues to add much more. And yes, calling your operations to wonders is not excessive. His "long-term" medical career, a solution and an "impossible" that has given his altruistic aspects, deserves a nickname known to the world rather than a "miracle doctor".

Cavadas has been the head of milestones, such as first-face transplants in Spain, the world's first left hands for women and a leg transplants, as well as worldwide, plus one for many surgeries. And, as he himself acknowledges, "he has no habit of saying anything".

Wilmer Arias, at the age of 28, was at age nine at the age of 6, and the valencian surgeon felt pain without feeling pain, the patient underwent two interventions. They reconstruct the entire separation of the spinal and pelvis, Every year after years he calls "incredible".

Wilmer Arias has been lying down to be able to move on a wheelchair: "Dr. Pedro Cavadas has given me the second chance to survive".

When he was seven years old, he worked and went to school when he suffered an accident. "I had nine outfits near my house with my cousins, when I was hanging around my neck," he explained. After about two and a half months after coma and surgery, due to its immobilization, the ulcers began to develop in the different areas of their body, the most serious in the area of ​​the sacred, and did not heal and worsen over time.

According to Cavadas himself, a nurse talked about a new sacred outbreak that officials of his country could not work, but he had to pay "no attention" because he did not believe he could not operate. A few months later, in his experience, he told him to take him to Spain.

"The loss of the small part of the spinal cord and the pelvis was a massive infection. I split it into two. One other non-sacral exacerbation. She had gone to bed for the whole day and risked a life-threatening state of meningitis," he warned.

Schedule scheduled double intervention: To clean the damaged area and place an external fixator between the two sides, another lasted for eight hours to transfer the bones to the pelvis and the skin of the spine.

After finishing the whole process, they gave a press conference to inform the newly baptized "new miracle" of medicine in Valencia. "It's a beautiful story and that's why we're telling you about the complex surgery we're doing every day," said Cavadas, who had been named "hard-earned" by Wilmer, but still quadruple, "he sits down and recovers his life" before the accident.

Now, Wilmer wants to go back to her studies, she wants to become a Master in Digital Technology, join the World Trade Center and "help anyone who needs to go back to me".

Brazil welcomes the first baby born in the transplanted uterus

Magazine a few days ago Lancet Another announcement was announced in 2018. A first-born child from the deceased transplanted uterus was hospitalized in Brazil. It is often said that babies carry their arms, but this time they expect thousands of women with fertility problems.

Currently, the uterine donation can only be made by relatives, so the options are reduced, because there are few donors.

The transplant was a sterile infertility in the uterus of the 32-year-old, with a womb surgery, lasting more than 10 hours, because the lining was associated with veins, arteries, ligaments and channels. vaginal

After seven months The patient was not denied the new organ and was mumble, and the ovo fertilizers that had an ordinary pregnant woman were introduced. The birth of the Caesarean section was born in 35 weeks and three days and weighed about two and a half pounds.

After completing the delivery, the uterus did not find an anomaly, and three days later, the mother and children received medical discharge.

Previously, 10 other uterine transplants of the United States, the Czech Republic and 10,000 dead donors were made, but the baby is born.

Regarding the transplantation area and the national area, it must be taken into account Spain has overtaken it again in 2017, if there is no record of the next year, its own record of donations and organ transplants And for the next 26 years he continues to be the world leader in "obtaining the best data in his history": 46.9 million donors (2,183 of total) and 5,255 transplants.

Metastasis is the most effective fight against cancer

Metastasis, in most cases the word of a dead synonymy, may have days. One of the most important advances of this year, one of the most important, can hopefully mitigate a life-threatening illness.

A few months ago news broke up, A 49-year-old woman wins a fight for breast cancer with other metastatic cancers after receiving the innovative immunotherapy developed in the United States National Cancer Institute.

After two years, there is no detectable cancer in the body, according to the journal Natural Medicine Laszlo Radvanyi, Cancer Research Institute, Ontario Scientific Director of the Institute, "Unprecedented response to advanced breast cancer. "

Treatment of lymphocytes of tumor patients was eradicated, identifying cancerous cells, but slowing the progression of the disease, multiplied in the laboratory and delivered 82,000 million lymphocytes to the patient to attack tumors.

The new therapy offered by Alena Grosek Vall d'Hebron's Oncology Institute (VHIO) is "a treatment that offers an alternative to non-alternative patients." Despite the high expectations, It is still a personalized treatment that will not be applied on a large scale and will continue until 2024.

In Vall d 'Hebron, first patients should begin treating the second half of 2019 in the laboratory to improve lymphocyte techniques and obtain the necessary permissions.

We hope that the researchers will continue to treat the treatment of other tumors in the future in addition to breast, ovarian, pancreatic and colorectal cancer.

Indeed, any type of cancer causes millions of death worldwide and future statistics are not good. About 18.1 million people will have cancer for the first time and 9.6 million people will die in 2018The latest estimates published by the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) are the intergovernmental body that is part of the World Health Organization (WHO).

So far, lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer are the three types of major types of cancer, and ranked among the top five according to mortality (first, fifth and second, respectively). Together, these three types of cancers are burdened by one third of the cancer and the world of death rates.

Anti-HIV stem cells

HIV, together with cancer, is still not one of the most enduring illnesses, this year it is worthwhile in the field of medical advances. A group of researchers from Barcelona Sida IrsiCaixa and Gregorio Marañón Hospitals Madrid virus have eliminated blood and five patients' tissues. After cell transplantation, the presence of the virus has been the virus with six more indecisive diseases.

The research confirmed that these patients, who receive a cell transplant, have a virus that is detected in the blood and the tissue, neither of which have antibodies, which means HIV It could be removed from his body, according to experts, "Undetectable" does not mean that this virus has been removed; In other words, it may also be in the body.

Opens the door to the discovery of end-properties properties AIDS treatments new healing in the future.

The author of the study's article, explained by Maria Salgargi, is a viral reservoir that is not currently cured by liver infections, which is detected or destroyed by persistent virus-infected cells and not by the immune system.

Unfortunately, the results are final. The next step will be to conduct a controlled clinical trial by doctors and researchers to stop the antiretroviral medication to check if there is a virus virus in some of these patients and immunotherapy and confirm that the virus has eliminated the organisms.

It is based on case studies The Berlin Patient & # 39 ;, Timothy Brown, People with HIV in 2008 had a cell transplant to treat leukemia.

The donor had a mutation called CCR5 Delta 32. This allowed blood cells to look after HIV, which prevented the virus. Brown antiretroviral medication was taken and, 11 years later, the virus still does not appear in the bloodstream The only person healing the HIV.

From the beginning of the epidemic, Over 70 million people have contracted liver infections and killed 35 million people. Today there are about 37 million people around the world living with HIV, of which 22 million are treated.

As regards the progress of disease and eradication, we can highlight one of the best controversies of recent years. Chinese scientist and geneticist He Jiankui announced in late November that he created the first genetically modified baby To make the virus resistant, create a debate on the ethical issues of research, especially when their protagonists are human.

After debating the controversial controversy, it is unknown today. According to the World Health Organization, he analyzes the ethics, social and safety consequences of Jiankui's work, criticized by the Chinese authorities and received public subsidies.

Alzheimer's, Ebola and various diseases continue to be unfortunately and continue to truncate the lives of millions of people all over the world, despite their progress, despite the hope they hope. And, who knows, would 2019 be the year of cancer cure?

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