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Dr. Cordero condemns Mayor Mayor Cathy Barriga

After the reconciliation hearing, the 13th Court of Santiago de Compostela was launched on March 26 at 11:00 p.m., the mayor of Maipur, the mayor of Cathy Barriga, the complaint presented by Dr. María Luisa Cordero, simplified the ants for the crime.

Dr. Cordero's defense has sought to apologize to the public by the psychiatrist of the editorial board last October. However, Barriga wants to imprison a 3-year sentence and a fine of 7,253 million dollars.

In the morning, Dr. Cordero said that Barriga "showed these outfits with his original vexation, has a high encephalopathy, can not get rid of the population … Hysterical features, has characteristics of the child, the victim is easily incompatible with political illness."

In the complaint, the head of the bathroom said that "the compassion of a certain psychiatric illness is very unethical and careless, especially as mayor of Maipur."

"It's not just questioning it as an unlawful authority, but it has weakened the woman, dressed in a manner that suits her, and she does not have to do anything to act responsibly in any way," she added.

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