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Just eat 1 egg a day to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to research The Eastern Finland University, Published in the journal & # 39; Molecular Nutrition & Food Research & # 39;

Eggs are still one of the most controversial foods. Its intake was very common, especially due to the high content of cholesterol. However, eggs It is also a rich source of bioethanol compounds that can contain healthy ingredients. This means that the effects of egg-consuming health is very difficult to base on the content. cholesterol

"The aim of this research was to eat less eggs and reduce the risk of diabetes, through the use of non-metabolic medication, a technique that allows the dissemination of a chemical product in a sample". explains the main author of Stefania Noerman.

Eggs are rich in many bioactive compounds that have beneficial effects on health. Photo: Pixabay: Eat 1 egg and earn all this ...

Eat 1 egg of the day and earn all …

Blood samples found in the study the men who eat more eggs Positively correlated with some lipid molecules, men had a blood profile of 2 people with diabetes type. In addition, the researchers identified some biochemical compounds in the blood, which increased the risk of development Type 2 diabetes, including amino acid tyrosine.

The study suggests that there are some possible mechanisms, at least in part, of the interaction between egg intake and the low risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Even though it is too early to draw on causal conclusions, I now suggest some suggestions to some compounds. egg It can be an important role in developing type 2 diabetes. Cellular patterns and intervention studies, using modern techniques, such as metabolomic studies, are required to understand the mechanism of physiological intake. eggs, "says Noerman.

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