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eCommerce: chatbots will make an eCommerce revolution in 2019


Tourism, banking, health and business management are the current technology in Latin America in 2019 with other sectors, according to Chatbot Chocolate.

The chatbots have come up strongly in the last quarter of Latin America. Its features make it one of the most attractive tools for companies and, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be a meeting place between companies and users over the next few years.

In fact, the global GDP will increase by 14% by 2030 in terms of productivity and consumption due to the effects of the IA, according to a report by PwC. In this regard, and in Chile, the "Artificial Intelligence and Economic Growth: Chilean Options and Challenges" concludes that Chile has gained and expanded the AI ​​more than in ICT in the 1990s, the rapid growth may have more than one percentage point in the GDP Standing at 6%.

Given this, Chatbot Chocolate, a chatbots development agency, has analyzed the sectors that will create this technology created in Latin America in 2019. ecommerce industry. And, according to a new Business Insider report, WeChat has added more than 200 million users to China's payment service in the country, the country's main messaging application, and the WeChat parent company now has a 37% stake. Chinese mobile payment market. WeChat is an excellent example of the extent to which the buttons of these applications can be the perfect channel for marketing different products.

"WhatsApp is a WeChat market in the United States and shows the ability to access interactive technology in product purchasing processes. As experts in the development of WhatsApp's chatbots, companies are preparing to prepare their own messaging application for the real-world context. through ", says Luis Flores, Chocolate Chatbot Chocolate Director in Chile. Peru.

However, it will not be the only one, there are other sectors that will also face the revolutionary technological revolution, such as tourism, health, banking and human resources.

"Growth in Latin American conversation technology is growing in the last four months of 2018. Up until 2019, this boom will not only continue, but it will also accelerate its acceleration among other factors through their WhatsApp customers" comments Flores.

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