Monday , October 3 2022

Eduardo Berizzo is free and Colo Colo fucks


Eduardo Berizzo is not the first time that appears in the Colo Colo agenda. But this time it's different. "Toto" Athletic shot yesterday yesterday and joined Hector Tapia's substitute list. Except for his curriculum, he decided to balance Chile's proximity.

It was enough for the Basques to exonerate former "Toto" assistants and, therefore, to approach Pedrero's niece. Although the coach was a two-year contract, the bad results led to the leadership of the Basque leadership. The team never took flight. And after losing 3-0 on Monday, against Levante, he could not leave the field of descent.

"Eduardo (Berizzo) is watching the problem of disengagement, everything has been very fast and has not thought about the future," added O & # 39; Higgins's former DT champion.

Old hankering. Last April, when Pablo Guede's departure seemed to be the future, Aníbal Mosa received and communicated with Berizzo to meet his requirements. In Argentina, however, he opted for a complete negotiation with the white rojiblanco led by his great mentor: Marcelo Bielsa.

"It was a pleasant conversation, where" Toto "explained his reasons, but Bilbao was well advanced and therefore did not reach an agreement with Colo Colo. It was the intention of the Chilean club," he says.

This time, among the candidates of the situation is a transocean. The non-upgrade of the tapestry and the respect for decoration would look for a DT high standar in the probability list.

Additionally, coach Celta does not connect to Chile. The proximity of our country, when traveling, takes a part of his family to Santiago.

"Eduardo (Berizzo) loves Chile. She has a lot of contacts with her country, even if she lives in her house. It would not be a problem to go to a group such as Colo Colo, but there is nothing to understand at this moment. As I have said, everything has been very fast Athletic Bilbao from the exit, "the same source confirmed.

While this is not happening, the list of candidates remains in the race. Mario Salas is expected to be champion again with the Sporting Cristal in Peru, all over the table. José Néstor Pekerman is the most expensive coach of the nominative, but Martín Palermo is not excluded.

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