Thursday , December 9 2021

Education unions in the Los Lagos region have warned of unemployment due to the process of demunicipalization National


In letters Seremi and Los Lagos municipality of education, staff from different DAEMs in the area complained about the process of transferring municipal education Local Education Services it means unemployment.

At the time they explained that they were in favor of demunicipalization, however a working table should be established to address discrimination the law that transfers teachers and educational assistants directly to the new institution, while forcing DAEM officials to participate in a public competition that leaves the system the most.

The President Federation of Education Officials From the Los Lagos region, Thomas SanchezHe explained that the real “work massacre” as he described it is already being demonstrated at the local level.

“With the local service that is installing what is happening in Frutillar, only 15 of the 155 officials who made up the 5 toilets participating in this Local Service are left (…) the rest are now awaiting settlement in December. What we are talking about today is the labor massacre, ”he argued.

For his part, Southern Garden Federation through Fund TransferClara Gallardo says it was “disastrous” that she was incorporated into a law because it does not allow them to negotiate with the employer, the rights earned by employees are not enforced and if support goes down, the work situation is more complex.

“We were Junji’s poor sisters for years, now we will be poor sisters in local services,” she said.

Both have stated that it is necessary for the authorities to have the political will to form such a working group consider delaying the transfer to Llanquihue, law reform, the creation of a career for civil servants, the establishment of communal offices and the relocation of staff, among other initiatives.

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