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El Quisco: Haitian nationality became the fourth female victim in 2019. national


© Christian Cereceda – TVN El Quisco: Haitian nationality became the fourth female victim in 2019

At the age of 26, the victims attacked their former partners.

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On Tuesday, a suicide attempt by women was introduced Quisco, In the Valparaíso region. The fourth female victim of 2019 has been the nationality of Haitians for 26 years.

The victim attacked his partner, from the same nationality, who She sung instantly.

After the incident, Claudio Antonio Vicuña Hospital was taken to San Antonio, after the death of the woman following the seriousness of the injuries. Subject matter is under observation.

The curator Robinson Alarcón, from the San Antonio Homicide Brigade, said Third When the attack happened, "the victims went to the friendship house to leave the five-year-old daughter's victim, and the author had a toilet to go to work."

"The victim caught the attackers, who had been cut with a butcher knife, because the neighbors had taken part in the defense of the victim, the attacker put a bottle of muriatic acid," the police added.

The official police said the victim, at the age of 29, had arrived in May 2017 for the country, then his partner, in October, the same year. However, it was determined that they were separated for five months and "violent violence took place".


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