Saturday , January 16 2021

Electricity will be used as a third source of electricity generation in the country

This year, only 55 photovoltaic plants will start their operations.

The historical phenomenon lives in Chile, where solar energy will be the third highest in the electricity market.

The Unusual Energy Renewable Energy (ERNC) is the first time that it will be located. In fact, 55 photovoltaic plants will begin their operations this year.

According to a Third Report, solar power, 9.4% and 7,345 GWh, will be the third generation in 2019. The Executive Director of the Association of Renewable Energies (Sidewalk), Carlos Finate, said the media:

"The generation of electricity in Chile will be the future development of renewable sources, as well as the costs of the latest advantages, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and local pollutants.

In order to avoid the growth of the thermoelectric pollutant energy, the need to increase the power of the renewable energies installation is not only necessary, but the transmission system must be properly deployed ".

Similarly, according to the National Electrical Coordinator (CEN), the main source of electricity production will be coal, with 40.4% stake; After that, it will be secondary water, with a 30.2% stake. .

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