Saturday , July 2 2022

Elon Musk has said that 30% are allowed to move to Mars


Innovative optimist

THE TECHNICAL BILLator takes his suitcases and wants to live like a real Martian. "When I'm moving," he says.

Mars will cost about $ 200,000. It will be the price of a card, according to Elon Musk, multimillionaire entrepreneur.

In an interview with Axlos in the HBO program, Musk said that there is a great deal of opportunity to reach Mars and it puts 70 percent.

"We have recently made some progress … I am really happy", said the founder of the SpaceX project, adding, "I'm moving to that place."

The ship planned for the March trip is called Starship, after Musk, he announced a change in the name of a tweet.

"The death of Mars is much higher in the Earth than in the Earth," Musk said the host was asking Mark to "escape" for militants.

"There is a good chance of death, making a small turtle in deep space"explained the interviewee, says CNET.

Musk warns you to overcome the trip, unpleasant challenges are waiting for you. "You will not work without it," he said, building a new planet called Red Planet.

And you probably need more time than the inside of the boat outside. At least that's what Paul Wooster believes in the development of the Space X project engineer.

But Musk sees it as a challenge to mankind: "There are many people who climb the mountain, they die on Mount Everest, because of the challenge."

Musk's followers and their detectors have appeared on Twitter after the merger of artificial intelligence with humans and Tesla's current state of affairs. It was a blame

"@Elonmusk @Axios on HBO seems to have not been sleeping for a long time, does not cut his beard and frequent it (more than five times). However, Elon is much more demanding in his dreams," says the previous tweet.

Others asked that it was smoking during the conversation. Below is a short video of his statements:

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