Thursday , August 11 2022

Elon Musk prepares for a trip to Mars and wealth will not be an adventure


A few days ago we met NASA's crater that will bury in 2020. We know now Mars will have another illustrative visitor: Elon Musk.

It is not a 100% secure plan, though it is very feasible. According to the entrepreneur, Your trip has 70% chance. Also, it will not be an adventure, and it determines the great risks involved in this journey.

"The kill options will be very high"

In an interview, the South African prince said Traveling to Mars will be very expensive. In this way, the passage will apply only to certain privileges, the market offers.

Musk Maezawa, with one million Japanese, will be the first tourist to visit the Moon in 2023 with the ship SpaceX (AFP).
Musk Maezawa, with one million Japanese, will be the first tourist to visit the Moon in 2023 with the ship SpaceX (AFP).

However, he commented that people who are not very wealthy will be encouraged. "The probability of dying on Mars is much higher than on Earth"He said and added that" traveling can kill a small chance "through" deep space. "

Musk, 47, has said the dangers will not end up on the planet's red planet, where appropriate. March declared that it was an enemy territory and a dreadful traveler was also dying.

There will be no time to relax during the March, the creator of what has been explained SpaceXIn the year 2022, a ship with the intention of sending the first ships and a trip to the crew two years later. "Perhaps you have landed well, in that case, you will have to stop building the base, so you know: It will not be a lot of fun"He said.

If Muskes is aware of all these difficulties, why does he travel to Marsi? "There are a lot of people climbing in the mountains, why do they do it? Many people kill Everest. Well, I like the challenges."

Fantasy or reality

"It is difficult for us to go to Mars in the next decades", said an expert in the Russian Science Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Check by Sputnik News In Musk's statements, the expert warned that "there is no revolutionary idea in this area, except fantasy".

Although the CEO of SpaceX is keen on the progress of its space company, the area's students are much wiser about the dead man's arrival in the red planet.

"Everyone promotes their business, but this has a positive effect: it reminds us of everything that lasts for the dream of flying to Mars," said Nathan Eismont, the expert.

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