Tuesday , May 18 2021

Elon Musk shows his awesome star, a Mars test boat

With Mars, it seems that the SpaceX company's ambitious project is gradually adapting, according to what Elon Musk himself demonstrates. Twitter.

And the entrepreneur is a shared image in that social network Starship, that is, with the spacecraft, they intend to reach Red Planet.

Musk tells in a tweet that it's a real picture, and it's not a game. However, This trial version is smaller, and not the ship that will arrive in the future Mars and moon.

Also, SpaceX creator revealed that the first flight tests could be made in February and March, and those made with Falcon 9 would be similar.

These tests raise the boat to re-lower the base for some points and take a break.

Elon Musk also retrieved the video by Twitter by Evelyn Janeidy Arévalo. This shows how to look at the boat from a car window.

The Orbital version, which is planned to travel to Mars, would be The company's largest spacecraft and the year 2022 would have to be completedThe year that aims to drive the Mission directed to SpaceX.

In addition, Starship plans to make a round trip on the Moon for 100 passengers for 2023.

Although the project is very ambitious, it is still a great deal to change, but it is true that the company continues to pursue the proposed objectives.

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