Monday , June 21 2021

Elon Muskek plans to take her to Mars

Elon Musk announced that there is no good chance that Mars will go to his spacecraft to kill him immediately.

Although he admits that there is a high risk of fulfilling this desire, he is very interested in being part of one of these missions.

The founder of Tesla, 47, said about millions of Red Planet visiting, though he said Some think this trip as a fantasy, but it will be the opposite, because free time and life will be very difficult for Mars.

Musk said in an interview with Axios that HBO said that it was very serious and that it had not ruled out the possibility of going to the planet, even though "The probability of killing Marten is much higher than the Earth".

The businessman explained that this trip could be possible for seven years, that is, For 2025On the price it will be "hundred thousand dollars", which is not what it is.

Elon warned that this trip is a mistake for those who are thinking of making a fun experience, because they will work hard to build on the basis of their journey and will ensure that there is not much time for recreation.

SpaceX will implement Marsek's plan to carry out its first cargo shipment in 2022. If they are water resources, they can identify dangerous energy and install infrastructures.

The second mission, already with crew and a burden, is planned for 2024, although Muskek Mars's colonization plan is criticized by some members of the scientific community, which NASA announced on August because of the current existence of this technology on the planet is impossible.

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