Wednesday , September 28 2022

Emirates Airlines showed the appearance of Boeing 777's crystal-clear appearance


Emirates has shared a picture with its Instagram account among the world's airline companies "Bling 777", The brightest version of Boeing 777, covered with glass, to the finish line.

This publication attracted the attention of social network users, as many people asked Whether the plane is genuine or not.

After speculation, the airlines saidThere is no ship with this glittering decorationIf it is not an image that has been created and loaded by a specialized artist in crystals, Sara Shakheelwhile your flight is waiting.

Emirates liked the new model for many artists asking for permission post it on your social networks and, when he returned, he renewed his flight.

As a result, more than Emir's publications were received 400,000 "likes" and almost 8,500 comments.

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