Monday , May 29 2023

Enel requested the maximum deadline for charging complaints against Bocamina


Through a public statement, the Chilean company Enel Generación, a company that works on the thermoelectric chamfer of Corozel, has decided to present annotations about the formulation made by the Superintendent (SMA).

"As a result, the company requested the extension of the request," said the company in its statement.

"Enel Generación Chile has set up environmental improvements in the Bocamina plant, increasing the management standard, making sustainability a strategic vision of the company," said the company.

On that day, the SMA formulated charges against the company due to the environmental regulations of the Biobío region.

The projects to be asked include the Thermal Expansion Thermoelectric Bocola (Second Unit), RCA No. 206/2007 with environmental qualification; "Thermoelectric Growth Bocola", RCA No. 017/2010; and "Optimization Bocamina Second Unit Thermoelectric Plant", RCA n. 128/2015.

The two units were detected in the operation of both windscreen thermoelectric units: Unit 1, Thermalelectric Plant Bocamina 1 (CTB1) and Unit 2, Thermoelectric Plate 2, Bocamina 2 (CTB2), which implemented the Sustainable Monitoring Program for Effluent Quality. , DS by 90/2000.

Based on the environmental control reports, the Superintendent has detected two events:

1. CTB1 did not report all the parameters indicated in the monitoring program.

2. CTB1 does not require monitoring frequency.

3. CTB1 has passed the maximum level of Fecal Coliform and / or Solid Suspended Solids.

4. CTB1 does not report backdated backgrounds for review.

5. CTB2 did not notify all the parameters indicated in the monitoring program.

6. CTB2 does not require frequencies.

These reasons were classified as minorities, so the company could be subject to a written warning or 1,000 annual Tax (UTA).

After the notification of this position formulation, Enel Generación Chile SA will have a deadline of 10 business days to complete the compliance program (PdC) within 15 business days.

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