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Engineers make brain signals directly in words. | Technology and science | science

He was born in New York (USA) by a group of Neuroengineer in Columbia University a system that reflects thoughts on intelligible and reconsiderable discourse, computers can say new ways of direct communication in the brain, according to the new research published in the scientific research

To track brain activity Someone, technology, can recreate words that people hear with unprecedented clarity.

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This advanced progress takes advantage of the strength of the voice synthesizer artificial intelligence, set the basics people who can not talkAs with the amyloctoid side sclerosis (ALS) or a stroke, Communicate with the outer world.

"Our voice connects us with our friends, our family and the world around us Losing voice strength because injuries or diseases are so destructive, "said Nima Mesgarani, chief researcher at the Institute of Mental Health Observatories Mortimer B. Zuckerman of Columbia University.

Experts believe that "with the right technology, These thoughts of people can be deciphered and another listener understands it ".

The decades of research have shown that people talk and even imagine when they talk activity in your brain

A different signal pattern also appears when someone is listening Speak or imagine that we listen.

The research team became a "lawyer" computerized algorithm he can do that synthesize the words after training on people's recordings.

"This is the same technology Used by Amazon Echo and Siri Apple to respond to our questions, "explained Mesgarani.

Teach "vocabulary" to interpret brain activity, Mesgarani joined Ashesh Dinesh Mehta with a neurosurgeon at the Northwell Institute of Neuroscience at the Institute for Neuroscience Institute, which treats patients with epilepsy, some of whom have to undergo regular treatment. surgery surgical operations

"Working with Dr. Mehta, we have asked for epileptic patients who have already suffered brain surgeries while we measured the patterns that would listen to different people brain activity"said Mesgarani, who pointed out that these neural models have been" lawyer ".

The group intends to try out more difficult words and sentences later Your system wants to be part of a similar implant used by some patients with epilepsy They make the user's thoughts straight into words.

"This would lose the ability of someone to talk, whether it is an injury or a disease, A new opportunity to connect with the world"he added.

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