Tuesday , June 15 2021

Entel refuses to buy Telefónica's assets in Central America and Mexico

According to the media, next week offers would be offered

In fact, when the Spanish media sent Entel as the candidate to keep Telefónica's assets in Central America and Mexico, the company rejected this information, focusing on Chile and Peru operations.

"It is not effective that Entel has acquired international assets for Peruvian operations," said the operator in a statement.

He stresses the maintenance of industry leadership, which has the basic pillars of consolidating the leading Peruvian player and growing domestic markets for services in Chile, both in 4G and 5G in the future, in optical fiber and fiber and information technologies (IT) in companies and companies " .

The Environment The Economist said that Telefonica Telefonica wanted to buy its assets in Central America.

In the publication, he argues that the Spanish company listened to offers for regional and Mexican operations, of which about 2 million euros could be generated.

Specifically, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panamanian businesses will sell 60% of Telefónica, which can generate between 700 and 800 million euros. In this process, they were interested, such as Millicom, AT & T and two well-known companies: Entel and Liberty, the parent company of VTR.

"Entel Chileans would grow in Central America, according to the same source for this newspaper, could have the chance to conquer new countries outside the country and the Peruvian market.

That is why Chile's telecommunications director recently opened a Miami office to attract foreign investments to make purchases through growth. On the other hand, Entel's financial capacity may be against them based on the prices on the table, "explained El Economists.

According to the media, offers would be received next week.

In Telefónica's operation in Mexico, Entel is also a possible candidate.


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